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                 扬州市苏中电力设备有限公司成立三十余年来,不断发展壮大,现具有雄厚的技术力量及优良的加工设备,本厂七大系列上千种规格的产品, 曾多次被国家科研机构及重大工程选用,部分产品还远销东南亚其它国家和地区。本厂严格按照现代企业的运行机构,**贯彻执行IS09002质量管理体系,产品质量稳定可靠,连续十二年被省、市、县工商部门评为“重合同守信用”企业。
                Jiangsu Yangzhou Suzhong Power Equipment Factory is a comprehensive manufacturer of high and lowvoltage electrical equipment, and one of the manufacturer recommended by the National Economic Committee for the equipment needing in the reconstruction of urban and rural electrical grids. The factory is a new and hi-techenterprises engaged in scientific & technological research, manufacturing and trade.
                Over the period of more than 20 years since its eatablishment,the factory has been growing and deve- loping. Now the factory boasts strong technical capabilities and excellent manufacturing equipment. The factory has seven major series of products comprising over a thousand specific items. Many of these products have been chosen by national scientific & technological institutes or in key national projects. Some of the products have found sales in Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. The factory adopts modern management mode and implement ISO9002 quality management system. The products are reliable in quality. The factory have been honored as a "trustworthy and faithful enterprise" by industrial & commercial administrative departments of provincial, municipal levels for 12 consecutive years. The factory has been well appraised by its customers fore its quality products and excellent services. Advocating the business principle of "quality first, credit first and customers above everything", the factory express warm welcome to new and old customers both from inside and outside the country.   
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